Make an Impact in 2019


2019 Volunteer Opportunities

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Lunch Team Volunteer

We will be providing Lunch each day via Food Trucks outside of the PAC entrance. A person serving in Lunch Team will assist guests to their lunch room areas and help keep the flow of traffic moving at the food trucks.  A Lunch Team Member will also assist in the clean-up in the cafeteria following lunch. A person in the Lunch Team should love to interact with people and be a team player to take a lead where needed during the 2.5 hour shift. A person serving in the Lunch Team is required to attend 1 training session (August 7th). Help with set-up the Wednesday prior to the conference if available is appreciated, but not required.

Greeting Team Member

We are looking for smiling faces and warm hearts to greet our guests as they come through the door, to find their seats, enjoy their breaks, lunches and of course, the conference. A greeter is sensitive to and cares for the needs of the conference guests as well as ensures a distraction free environment. A person serving on the Greeting team is required to attend 1 training session (schedule TBA). Help with set-up and tear down prior and after the conference is appreciated, but not required.

Concierge Team Member

We are looking for host and hostesses during our event for those partners and guests who will be staying on site for breaks and lunches in designated room assignments. Some of these rooms are reserved for the day and some just during the lunch hour. A concierge will be responsible to work with the Coliseum staff to make sure the room is set and stocked with ordered food and beverages, greet guests as they arrive, making sure they are in the correct location and checking in on occasion to make sure the guests have everything they need during their time in their space.

Vendor Team Member

We provide select areas for vendor tables to be displayed. We need a team of individuals to help with set up and tear down for our partners who choose the vendor table option. These team members will bring carts to our vendors as they arrive on Wednesday morning, August 8th and help with table location as well as unloading of the cart. They will also assist at the end of the conference to help locate carts and help with tear down and removing their items from the building.

Parking Team Member

The Parking Team will be responsible for directing flow of traffic and parking each morning.  A Parking Team Member should be familiar with WCHS parking and comfortable being outside rain or shine for 2+ hours each morning of the Summit.  A person serving in Check In is required to attend 1 training session (schedule TBA).  Help setting up Wednesday prior to the Summit, if available, is appreciated, but not required.

Set Up/Tear Down Team Member

We are looking for hard workers and team oriented people to serve on our Set Up/Tear Down team.  A person serving in Set Up/Tear Down would be required to be at WCHS on Wednesday, August 8th (time TBA) to assist in all areas of set up including and but not limited to: check-in, resources, vendors, parking, lunch, breakout rooms, tents and staging.  Tear down would be immediately after the Summit ends on Friday, August 10th from 4:30pm-8:00pm.  No training session is required.

All volunteers will be able to attend the Summit at no cost. Please remember, there may be parts of the sessions that will be missed. You would be there to serve first, enjoy the Summit second. It is a wonderful opportunity to serve people, be encouraged and filled with great training.