Josh Wildman | Chief Executive Officer | Wildman Business Group

At the age of 23 I was invited by our Pastor Denny Wilson to attend GLS live in Chicago.  A couple of days later my brother-in-law and business partner would leave the event and draft a plan for our company to transform it from a business into a ministry that would use our business as the vessel to share Christ and live out the Gospel.  No single event has had a greater impact on my personal ministry, business ministry perspective, or leadership development.

Whether you believe in Jesus Christ, or simply want to develop into a better leader, this is the most valuable conference you can attend.  For 12 years, we have attended and or sent teams of 10-20 to the event from our company and 2nd Mile Adventures.


Steve Longbrake |Director of Cultural & Business Development | Silveus Insurance Group

In the early 90s, I first attended the Church Leadership Conference at Willow Creek Community Church.  It was the precursor to the Global Leadership Summit we enjoy today. Little did I know nearly 25 years later that this conference would still be an encouraging force in my professional and spiritual walk.

In the early years as I led in the local church, I was stretched by those leaders who were in the marketplace and shared what they had learned in business about leadership. They brought knowledge and insights on how to lead well.

This motivated me to lead better in my home, in the church, and in my community. I have no idea how much of what I believe and can apply in leadership has come from my involvement in the Global Leadership Summit. How can you possibly measure that? But I do know I am indebted to WCA and all speakers at the Summit who educated and inspired me to become a better leader who is focused on honoring God at work.